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White Spirit

One of the basic oil solvents is the raw materials needed by the resin paint industry.

White Spirit was classified in various grades according to the aromatic percentage and distillation suffering.

White Spirit is a clear liquid with a density of about 780.

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Production of Oil thinner and fast Thinner with International Standards

and greasy final production based on Oman's order for a two-year contract




 Orkid Co, a manufacturer of paint solvents and white Spirit that began its activity since the 1980's

The company has succeeded in producing various types of Fast thinner and White Spirit has been working with engineering teams.

It is noteworthy that our White Spirit is referred to as Oil Thinner.




White Spirit

White Spirit is known in the AW solvent group. As a diluent, cleanser as well as raw materials in industries such as paint industry, resin industry, adhesives, thinner production and petroleum solvents, cable and wiring, and the production of polishes and waxes, as well as the application of abundance In the compounding industry.
Generally, white spray is classified according to the degree of distillation (ASTM-D86 standard) and its aromatic content.
Qualitatively White Spirit with a low aromatic quality and IBP130-FBP 230
This solvent is colorless and has a mild odor
Other solvents include the following solvents

Solvent 402
Solvent 403
Solvent 410
Solvent 400





Hydrocarbon & heavy hydrocarbons

 Hydrocarbons are a bunch of organic materials that have carbon and hydrogen elements in their chemical structure.

 In the commercial discussion, hydrocarbons are known as light hydrocarbon and heavy hydrocarbons. Typically, hydrocarbons are combined with gas condensate cuttings and according to the formula and application desired by solvents and refinery oils. In most cases, these materials are used as fuel or heavy fuel combinations.

 Hydrocarbons are non-polar molecules and are dissolved in non-polar solvents such as oil types (oil is also known as hydrocarbon and is used differently)

Iran, having underground reserves, is one of the poles of hydrocarbon production in the region, so that we can have a higher share of world markets by having specialized expert engineering teams.